Want to compost?

Don't want the smell?

Composting is simple, simply put your organic waste in the brown bin . Unfortuneatly compost  might smell bad and make a mess in your bin.

The solution is


Go ahead throw all that organic waste in the compost bin. We want to help you reduce landfill by reducing your disgust of decomposing waste!

Cleaning your trash, compost or recycling bin is now easy, ecofriendly, uses a lot less water and is affordable too!

Reduces the presence of larvae and houseflies

Goodbye gag worthy odors

Give your bins a clean overhaul. They will smell great too!

No leftovers in the driveway or yard

No municipal restriction on water usage

The best alternative to keep you bins clean and fresh at home and work.

We can't wait to clean your bins! Give us a call.

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In the hot summer months, you might frown upon putting table scraps in the organic waste bin. We know that opening the lid of that bin is not for the faint of heart! The less we put waste in there the better we smell… Even if you’re using paper bags.

Bac-Lavé’s mission is to help you compost at home by reducing the discomfort associated with added flies, bad odors and maybe sneaky night critters.

We believe that conforming to environmental laws is our priority. We do this by using non-drinkinable water and using biodegradable soaps made here in Québec. Because of this you will never be caught using your garden hose in an inappropriate way.

Using Bac-Lavé to help clean your bins is the best solution to your problems.

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Eco-friendly !

  • Uses less water than a regular garden hose
  • Washed with non-drinkable water
  • Used water and residu is returned to local farmers

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