Do you have organic waste collection ?

Do you promote it?

What tools do you use to reduce waste destined to landfill ?

Bac-Lavé offers solutions and tools to reduce the inconveniences (odors, insects, rodents) linked to organic waste collection. With our help, your city will promote, maintain and increase the use of the compost bins even in the summer heat.

Bac unique

To support organic waste municipal collection!

Bac-Lavé can clean up to 500 bins per day. Consquently we are the best tool to encourage the use of the compost bin, reduce nuisance associated with the collection and reduce your landfill expenses related to domestic waste.

Bac-Lavé offers training and seminars for citizens,  school and businesses to ensure that organic waste goes in its proper bin. Composting does not only have an important ecological impact on your city  but a significant  economic one. 

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It's all about money!

We have found that a majority of municipal waste collection services forget the essential: training, informing the citizens to the many aspects of organic waste collection. Few people have the necessary knowledge of the different impacts that the segregation of organic matter brings.

All will recongnize the environmental benifts, but at the end of the day it's all about the money! How many tax dollars can you afford to waste? Let us show you how working together we can help you meet your enviromental targets and be fiscally responsible.

Bac-Lavé is there to partner with your municipality. We keep our mission clear: Make the people compost, reduce the quantity of trash destined to landfill and support a sustainable enviroment. Our truck and are practices are tools that help you acheive your objectives.

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Eco-friendly !

  • Uses less water than a regular garden hose
  • Washed with non-drinkable water
  • Used water and residu is returned to local farmers

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