Does your bin stink?

Les services Bac-Lavé is the solution for trash bin cleaning!

Bac-lavé cleans compost, trash and recycling bins.

Following the municipal collection, we clean your bins with our specialized truck at the curb.

Eco-friendly !

  • Uses less water than a regular garden hose
  • Washed with non-drinkable water
  • Used water and residu is returned to local farmers

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A clean solution

Bac-Lavé is a humble family owned company with great a great objective: Make citizens compost more!

We know that organic waste does not smell or look good when decomposing but with the help of our truck and our unique process, we can wash your bin, recuperate all the disgusting bin juices and give you back a clean fresh smelling compost, trash or recycling bin.

Give us a call we'll make your clean bin dreams will come true!

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Les services Bac-Lavé Inc.

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